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Force and Power of Space Propulsion- Mightier than Nature

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Going even a tiny fraction the speed of light is so fast that cosmic rays become semi-solid. Most scientists think that even if we could go the speed of light, the starship would explode long before because gases and light beams and dust, etc. all become destructive forces. We'd need some sort of shield technology, but this article is centered on the realistic.
The purple is you in your ship, can't you tell?
We've all seen what happens when atoms hit other atoms (lightning bolts, cars start up, batteries power electronics... atom ...bo...mbs, etc). Imagine a thermonuclear powered starship that splits atoms of deuterium (antimatter; real) for its "gasoline." Now picture that ship suddenly exploding while traveling nearly the speed of light (670,616,629.3843951 mph). The fireball would be so massive and fast moving that every hydrogen atom in outer space for a thousand miles would probably detonate from fusion processes, forming the shape of a pencil as the explosions continue their momentum in frictionless space until the atoms energies are used up, and the flame suddenly disappearing.
I can picture the explosion ripping space-time and forming a black hole with our luck. Who wants a black hole near earth? Yay!
Let's put it like this:
The biggest volcano that ever exploded was Krakatoa. Biggest explosion ever in recorded history and it was equivalent to a 150 megaton bomb. This antimatter starship would generate ~41 megatons of continual thermonuclear explosive force, unlike a volcano which blows up for a short while then stops. That's a little less than 1/3 of the force of Krakatoa and slightly less than the Russian Tsar bomb (50 MT). Bear in mind that Krakatoa is a mountain of molten lava connected to the center of an entire planet whose explosion sent strong weather changes across Earth. A starship could never boast such a power source and yet it still comes somewhat close to the force during its detonation.
Tsar Bomba, a 50 megaton thermonuclear bomb: was reported having a 25 mile wide and 45 mile high mushroom cloud which crosses the mesosphere, and an destructive blast radius of over 100 miles, its pulse being felt 170 miles away causing 3rd degree burns on living tissue. The Tsar Bomba was seen almost 620 miles away from ground zero and the radiation reached California, thousands of miles away, raising Earth's overall radiation by about 3%. Tsar Bomba weighed 60,000 pounds, however a mere 2.2 pounds of antimatter would generate the same amount of destructive force.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
2.2 lbs. of Antimatter-Matter Explosive Yield- Technical Explanation:
The entire rest mass of the particles during antimatter-matter collisions gets converted in to kinetic energy. Their energy density is about four orders of magnitude greater than nuclear fission, and about two orders of magnitude greater than the best possible yield from nuclear fusion, producing 1.8×1017J (180 petajoules) of energy. 0.0024
Equivalence of 2.2 lbs. of Antimatter-Matter Explosion to Natural Phenomena- Easy Explanation:
1) Exactly equivalent to 1,952.38 Atom bombs dropped on Hiroshima (21 kilotons or 8.8×1013J or 5.122×10-4 out of 41 MT//2.2 lbs. antimatter-matter explosion)
2) Over twice the approximate total energy output of a Type-I civilization each second (like the U.S.; 24 megatons/between 1016J to 1017J)
3) Nearly double the energy released by an average hurricane after one full day (1.3 x 1017 J/day or 1.5×1012 W)

4) Much more than the total energy from the Sun that strikes the face of the Earth each second (41 megatons/1.7×1017J)
5) Exactly double the maximum yield of the B41 bomb (most powerful US bomb ever; 25 megatons/1.05×1017J x 2)
6) Slightly less than the reported yield of the Tsar Bomba, the largest nuclear weapon ever detonated (50 megatons/2.1×1017J)
The entire U.S. continent could run for almost 5 seconds on 2.2 pounds of antimatter. A hurricane generates half that energy after ONE DAY and yet destroys nearly all it touches. I saw a hurricane toss a tree limb straight through a 3ft wide oak tree, impaling it like a sword. On the other hand, a nuclear pulse star ship would be continually pumping out that^above equivalent force each second until your ship runs out of gas. So it'd be like the power of a full day's worth of two side-by-side hurricanes every second.

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