Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Quantum Teleportation and Quantum Entanglement

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If this picture makes no sense to you then
don't worry, you're not stupid, you're just
not a super-genius
Teleportation. This definitely falls into the space travel category! Screw spaceships! For a while here I haven't written any articles until I had a wild conversation with a friend about how recent discoveries have shown that particles can not only move to new orbits on atoms, but that there appears to be no movement at all, not even at the speed of light. Rather, it seems as though there's an actual "disappearance" and "reappearance" somewhere else, aptly called quantum teleportation. This quantum "jump" is about as much of a real life teleportation as Star Trek's transporters-- it's absolutely instantaneous at the very least, although some questions do arise as to whether these particles are simply moving at the speed of light, and that a time dilation may be occurring from the radical speed, perhaps giving the illusion of disappearance. For now it's believed that this is phenomenon is teleportation, unless the movement actually occurs in another realm or dimension, perhaps even subspace. What might appear to be teleportation might simply be movement in another undiscovered area of space-time (called subspace by some theorists, though it's never been proved or really even studied), but we simply don't know. What's important about this regardless of what is really going on is that two separate points are traversed by an object (the particle) so fast that movement cannot be registered by technology, which gives rise to many interesting questions!
The cool part of this is that physicists across the world understand enough about it that they can actually control it in insignificant ways, even making the phenomenon reoccur in a variety of ways, offering some pretty unique results. The significance of this goes beyond the "someday technology" of human teleportation, as it is much more important right now to comprehend why this happens, rather than its benefits. In the end though, the nature of science is to ask questions and then to explore the how's and why's of those questions until a satisfactory answer arrives. However, if the particles are truly teleporting, then right off the bat it begs the question, "HOW??" And yet, if the particles are actually moving and not teleporting then it begs for many other questions such as, "How fast are they moving?" or "Where are they moving to and from?" Even questions like "Are they appearing to teleport because they are traveling at or greater than the speed of light?" beg for more and more questions. (1c//Light Speed is 670,616,629.3843951 mph).
Obviously this is not an easy discovery to explain, and unless this is an observable phenomenon, then we may never be able to find the answers we may want to know. However, if the last question receives merit and teleportation is not what we think it is, but rather is the movement of particles between orbits at the speed of or exceeding light, then this would mean that teleportation is more of an extreme time dilation occurrence, where the maximum theoretical time dilation due to speed of light travel literally begins and ends virtually at the same time, which would essentially be small jumps forward in time. This then, may merely be an appearance of teleportation due to the sudden speed between two points in space-time. Not only that, the distance between two atoms near to each other is really not far even on an atomic scale, so even going 10 mph would seem virtually instantaneous for an atom! According to Einstein's theories on special and general relativity, if an object went the speed of light it'd essentially match the speed of time (this would mean that the teleportation is actually just an atom traveling so fast that is no longer is affected by time or space, hence, it seems to disappear then reappear but is, in fact, moving faster than even the universe itself can record). This is terribly hypothetical, yet physicists think of questions like these and must explore them all until some solid answers are found!
The lines with the tiny spheres are the orbits of
the particles around the atom. In quantum
teleportation, particles can simply "materialize" 
from one atomic orbit to another orbit
And yet, in our world it just seems like this shouldn't be possible, and yet not only does it happen, but it occurs naturally without human manipulation. That's right, people don't need to fiddle with atoms to get these particles to start dancing...they do it on their own.
This reminds me of how experiments have shown that sometimes when two atoms collide and combine (to put it simplistically) that they sometimes re-separate yet still share the same quantum state (they still spin at the same speed and in the same directions even though they are now separate). This quantum entanglement causes them both to share the same state, so when a scientist alters the spin of one atom, the other atom instantaneously mimics the other no matter how far apart they are from each other. Basically this means that even though they look separate and are physically separate, there's actually a quantum entanglement between that cannot be seen or we can't see it yet, as they are still joined together in a weird way. There seems to be few answers as to why this happens, but this entanglement seems to have led to other discoveries, such as orbital teleportation.
After all, science has continually proved to humanity that if we merely imagine something, then we can typically make it happen in some fashion, and behold, even things like speed of light global communications, teleportation, and holograms seem to be possible now. Back in the day, cell phones were created by a man who watched Star Trek: The Original Series! He saw them use their hand communicators and created his own! Along these lines, Einstein said, Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”
So!!! What's next!!!!

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