Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Astronomy Site Outline (and Links)
The Planets
  • Life in Space- Problems to Ponder
  • Jupiter: Largest Planet in the Solar System
  • Mars Colonization: A Very Non-technical Perspective
  • Is It Possible to Colonize Other Planets? : A List of Prerequisites for Exoplanetary Habitation
  • Uranus: King of the Ice Planets
  • A New, Nearby Earth? Gliese 581C

  • Astronomical Distances, Space Travel, Spacecraft Propulsion, Timelengths and Variables in Traveling the Cosmos
  • Quantum Teleportation and Quantum Entanglement
  • Interplanetary and Interstellar Travel: Distances Between Exoplanets, Stars, and the Search for Alien Life
  • Is Time Travel Possible?...If So, Then Not Like in Science Fiction
  • Force and Power of Space Propulsion- Mightier than Nature
  • Bussard Ramjet and Scramjet- Is This a Fantasy?
  • Project Daedalus: Possibility or Hubris?
    Matters in Relativity, Speed, Time and Space
  • New Theory Denies Time Dimension: Is Time the 4th Dimension or Not?
  • Time Travel?...Yes, But Not Like in Science Fiction
  • Time Dilation and Time Travel For the Average Reader
  • Relativity For Dummies and Discussing Universal Expansion
  • Speed of Light: Maximum Speed and the Passage of Eons
  • Faster Than LIght Travel: Neutrinos May Be Faster Than Light!
    Stars, Explosive Forces, Nebulae, and Blackholes
  • Neutron Stars- Formation, Mass and Size, Pulsars, Energy Output, Gravity and Temperature
  • Blackholes: Escape Velocities and Gravity's Dominion over the Universe
  • Sol: Our Glorious Sun and Sun Movies
  • Supernovae: Explosions of Dying Stars
  • The Magnetar: King of the Neutron Stars
  • Nebulae: Art of the Cosmos
  • Voyager Probe Exiting Solar System into Interstellar Space Reveals Sun's Protective Shield
  • Atoms: From Boiling Water to Bombs- The Difference Between Atoms Colliding and Nuclear Fusion
  • Large Number Names for Those Who Wish to Understand My Blogs on the Universe

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